Spirit Blaze

by Angela Swan

As light streams though creaks in the wall, let it chase the gloomy darkness away. The stars light up the sky, guiding everyone on their way. Breath deep, seek peace, God is watching over you. Angels are slipping into places unknown, leaving lives brighter every day. Seek for God and he’s already found you.

See past this dark place see into the next day. Go from cold into the warmth of a home, see families’ light blaze past the grimness of life into branches of trees, ever growing. Touch a blade of grass, smell the roses, see the sky, let God’s glow alight your darkened night.

Let the spirit set your life ablaze, let it soar above it all into the sky. See the beauty of the earth, against the vast deepness of space. Look in awe. Don’t look back once the lesson is learned, but go and see what’s ahead. See the small flame of God’s people light up the darkness in our home.

Look up into the sky and see the golden bubbles of prayer flowing up to heaven, sending the skies of the dark night, turn bright, spreading around the world. See the answers drifting down slowly, coming alive at the first blush of day. Let God’s power wash over you.

Let God’s power wash over you, like a lantern in the darkness, heal the wounds of day, let God understand you. Be made anew, let God make you. Then be, just being. Be free.

Angela Swan lives and works in Wayne, NE. She is a budding writer and is constantly working on honing her writing skills. She has been previously published a poem in her old Chadron State College newspaper and won a pro-life contest with her poem/song, “Hear the Heart Beat.”

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