Colors of Prayer

by Angela Swan

Colored bubbles float into the sky, some bright as the sun, others as grey as dust.

A red bubble full of raging prayer drifts close by a golden glow of unspeakable joy on their way upstairs.

God receives them one by one, some blue for a calm, peaceful prayer. While another is green and black, full of bitter, sad despair. Some bubbles are so dark and gloomy that the raging sadness fades to a dull grey white, another full of pink childhood hopeful night prayers bounces along to another bubble’s teenager’s hopeful purple and white prayer.

As the prayers settle one by one on God’s own receiving floor, some merge together into one — a soft sweet white crystal prayer for her sad daughter’s prayer of lost hopes turning into dull white despair, but with a white streak of hope. God knows what to do, there is no reason to fear.

Angels from all nine choirs gaze down on the dark twisted world, seeking out the bright colored bubbles of the faithful’s prayers. Some are faded, prayed many, many times, but their colors are bright as they reach heaven’s airs.

All the prayers are taken care of, some in God’s time, some in ours. But they do always get there in time.

When the prayers are answered, they go away, but the bright prayer bubbles stay to help light up God’s endless day.

So one day, perhaps when you look into the sky, you’ll spot a rainbow of bright round different sized bubbles filling the twilight day/night sky and finally know what all of them are about.

God’s faithful children’s hopes, dreams, worries, tears and trials reaching out to their heavenly father’s warm, gentle, loving strong hand and knowing he’ll always hear them. Even at times they can’t understand.

Angela Swan lives and works in Wayne, NE. She is a budding writer and is constantly working on honing her writing skills. She has been previously published a poem in her old Chadron State College newspaper and won a pro-life contest with her poem/song, “Hear the Heart Beat.”

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