Heaven Flies on White Bird Wings

by Angela Swan

God’s love is endless, heaven calls, heaven beckons, life is good, and I will follow your rule.
Life is hard unforgiving, pain will break, but his love is unending I will breathe your name in, singing your wondrous glory every day.

Lines have been crossed, but I’ve been forgiven, your words are unmistakable, they are here for a reason. Let me breathe you in.

Show me the roads and I will go, give me the directions and I will follow, let me breathe you in until my end. Kneeling down in praying, your love is taming, the commandments aren’t me being broken, but for me to live in.

Let me breathe you in. Let your truth move me, set the bridges swaying, joining hand together, with the seeds growing up around our knees.

Let the ground be unyielding, let the soil be rich and fulfilling, let me be steady on my feet.Make the stream a steady whisper, a winding, but building river, let it flow all around us, let it be rising of your love.

Make my vow be solemn, unyielding even in dishonor, let my alliance to you be always known. Let me rise up to greet you, the doves of your peace welcome you. Let me breathe you in.

Let me see you in every face I pass, every child I play with, every word I speak as though it’s my last, let me know your way. Your name is mine to give to others, let my creed show to who I really believe in, Jesus let me breathe you in. Jesus Christ let me breathe your name in.

Angela Swan lives and works in Wayne, NE. She is a budding writer and is constantly working on honing her writing skills. She has been previously published a poem in her old Chadron State College newspaper and won a pro-life contest with her poem/song, “Hear the Heart Beat.”

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