Hedwig of Poland

by A.S. Chuba

In the land that’s full of poppies red,
In the country of our birth.
In the place where all the storks are bred,
In the paradise on earth.

With the fire in the chimneys bright,
And the children in their beds.
When no sound permeates into the night,
All with dreams inside their heads.

And the priests inside their churches found.
And the grandmas on their knees.
When the queen is all in labor bound,
All await their destinies.

When she put her girl into the crib
Known as Hedwig by the name
All her people knew with joy and glee
She’ll be kind to poor and lame.

Taking off her heavily jewelled crown,
While all glorious she did reign.
To the poor and lame, she did step down.
She was not lazy and vain.

All of Poland knew her lovely smile,
Into God she put her trust.
With her little footprint in the tile;
Never was she real unjust.

A.S. Chuba is a 13-year-old Catholic girl in grade eight with a strong passion for poetry. She enjoys writing mostly dreamy freestyle poems without precise meter. She lives in Canada with her parents and four little siblings. She hopes to continue writing throughout her life and maybe bring a few people back into the True Fold.

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