Among The Tombs

by Marvin Lee

where were you?
my God,
when I was lost,
walking among the tombs,
of this pain filled world,
I've seen starvation,

people murdered for a single cup of water,
children abandoned,
digging through trash,
fighting over a single scrap of bread,

people tired,
demanding change,
for their voices to be heard,
throats raw,

but this world is fallen,
and evil is unchangeable,

it glories,
in pain,
and death,

why my God?
have you allowed this,


my child,
it is through my mercy,
that I sustain the world,
and all things,

and until that final day,
everyone deserves a chance,

you may walk among the tombs,

but my son conquered the grave,
I care for you,
loving you,
so believe,
and have eternal life.

Marvin Lee is a speculative fiction writer and member of Quill & Crow Publishing House’s Dark Poet Society. He lives deep in the Amazon jungles of Venezuela, over 200 miles from the nearest town, with his wife and four kids. His short fiction and poetry can be found in the Crow Calls volumes, Pure In Heart and Synthetic Reality Magazine.

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