And Yet I Fight, I Stand

by Jenise Cook

Darkness, a dark silence
Inks my eyes as I awake
Before dawn’s light
And then you assault me in my bed
(Sleep paralysis binding me)
With lies that fill my thoughts
Oh, deceiver
False light of day.

You ravage me
In my morning weakness
Accuser of the brethren
Freezing me cold with fell fears
The Father has forsaken me
Leaving me lost, abandoned
Alone with rivers of black thoughts
Flowing with lies down into my soul.

Ruler of this world
Your powerful words
Scream for attention
To weaken my resolve
Or so you wish
Tempter, son of perdition
As I lie in my bed
With dawn’s light
Now competing with
The dark, the darkness
In my room and in my soul.

And yet I fight, I stand.
Like a trapped lamb
Bleating for its shepherd
As the fierce lion creeps closer
I cry out
I say The Name
“Lord Jesus Christ
Son of God
Have Mercy!”
Fallen star, you fade away
Frightened at the sound of
My Shepherd’s name.

Once frozen in fear
My body, my mind defrost
In the warmth of eternal love
As Abba’s forever
Cherished child.

“Stand firm, child.”
I fall upon His word
I fill my thoughts
With His truth
I am adored, I am redeemed
More precious than all fine jewels
He rejoices over me with singing
He delights in my presence
His pierced hands embrace my soul
His Spirit empowers me
With His truth.

As the sun’s dawn light
Bursts forth through the window
Glowing bright in my room
The Son’s true light
Shines beams of His truth in my heart
Shattering the dark thoughts
You, oh enemy, left behind.

His peace
Flows like a gentle stream
Of living water
Refreshing my mind
Redeeming my thoughts
As I worship Him
In morning’s light
Putting on the full armor of God
Preparing for the day
For the assaults
You’ll aim at me, still
Oh Tempter, Thief, oh Wicked One.

And yet I fight, I stand.
Armed with Abba’s armor
His salvation, His righteousness
His truth, His peace
As this is my fate
A soldier in His kingdom
Standing firm daily
Like a granite statue
Never yielding
To your wiles
Oh father of lies
Until the day
My Shepherd
My Redeemer
My Abba
Leads me into His glorious home
Singing over me with joy.

Jenise Cook lives with her husband in the north-central highlands of Arizona where it snows. Jenise enjoys visitors to @jenisecook on Twitter, and at where you can find a list of her published works.

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