Carried by Love: My Footprints Experience

by Yvona Fast

This poem was written following a hospital stay for a total hysterectomy due to ovarian cancer.

Machines beep. Nurses talk. 
Grayness and gloom. 
Birds sing morning melodies.
Light enters the room.

Awakening, recalling…
Roar of ocean waves,
scent of salty sea,
relentless wind,
footprints in the sand… 
Some spots with two sets,
others only one. 

Within my heart I hear His voice:
“This is your time to be carried…
Lean into my strong arms...
Please allow me to carry you.
I won't let you fall.” 

In the midst of my pain,
Like the dreamer of footprints,
I never walk alone.
Friends, family, community, walk with me. 
I’m surrounded with care, love, support. 

In the midst of my dark valley,
like the Psalmist,
I’m comforted by God’s presence.  
His arms hold me close, 
swathing me in amazing love.

I’m blessed beyond measure.
My cup overflows.
Like the dreamer of footprints,
I never walk alone.

Yvona’s poems have been published in numerous magazines and several anthologies. She’s the author of 3 poetry chapbooks (Different, 2017 Foothills; Adirondack Blue Seasons, 2018 CWP); and Adirondack Seasons Haiku (Local Gems Poetry Press, 2020), 3 nonfiction books, and numerous magazine and newspaper articles. For more, see

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