by Yvona Fast

This poem was written during a creative retreat for women survivors of cancer at Camp Sagamore.

from home, 
	from chores, concerns, cares, 
	daily duties,
		troubling tasks… 
Away from problems, messes, 
		the sogginess of struggle…

Leaving it behind.
Calming my spirit, my soul.

It is quiet.
No loons call.
No birds sing.
Have they flown away to the sea? 
No sound 
	other than the wind in the trees 
	and the drip, drop, drip – 
as an occasional raindrop drops from the steel sky.

Wind chases the clouds.
Loud voices intrude, breaking the peace. 
A time of bustling busyness, 
	rambling, rushing, running,
		furiously creating. 

Thank you, God, for away. 
Thank you for peace,
	For calm, 
		For tranquility. 

“In quietness and confidence is your strength.
I will hide you under the shadow of my wings.”  

A new day dawns. 
	Sun shines.
		Renewed, recharged,
			ready to return home
		to daily duties of caring, cooking,
			troubling tasks of cleaning, 
				chores like gathering harvest.
	Ready now 
		to face the soggy struggle of daily problems.
	Ready for loving labor. 

	for the together
		and the Away. 

“Love him in the morning when you see the Sun rising.
Love him in the evening ‘cause he took you through the day.
And in the in-between time when you feel the pressure comin’
Remember that he loves you and he promises to stay… 
	With you.” 

Yvona’s poems have been published in numerous magazines and several anthologies. She’s the author of 3 poetry chapbooks (Different, 2017 Foothills; Adirondack Blue Seasons, 2018 CWP); and Adirondack Seasons Haiku (Local Gems Poetry Press, 2020), 3 nonfiction books, and numerous magazine and newspaper articles. For more, see

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