Abecedarian: God Winking

by Betty Roberts

Always fighting clutter, but I still see
beautiful sunrises and sunsets and thank the
Creator who gives us everything, but who
depends on us to take care of His world.
Even though we see bad, we find
friendly people along our way.
Good is everywhere, although we may not see it.
Hate appears on small screens as
I try to avoid the negativity or
just when I recognize
kindness from friends and family.
Love can also be found all around;
miracles still exist in this
nation and world. If I
only choose to look, I will find
pieces of heaven
quietly placed in my path,
real-life examples of angels on earth.
Smiles from strangers standing in line
turn my day from an
unremarkable time with
very little effort on their part. God
Winks is a term for receiving e-
xactly what you need, but you cannot explain why
you are finding it. Some call that coincidence, and I’m no
zealot, but I choose to see God winking.

Betty Roberts is a retired English, journalism and creative writing teacher. She has taught memoir writing and is vice president of the Denton Poets’ Assembly in Denton, Texas.

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