A Glow For All

by Allan Shawa

I adore the rainbow when non-obscure
The absence of its glow is what I adjure,
It has radiance, so radiant and pure;
Healing all strife; its glare is forever the cure.
I crawl towards its glow and allure
Calling it to wander within me; in my heart to tour,
In order for its splendor to endure
And implant its sparkle to sprout for sure.
Its abundance has a hope to assure,
Its strength is eternal, for the soul to conjure.
A flame for the faithless, to warm the insecure;
An embrace for the homeless, to shelter the poor.
Despite the unbridled stares of the stars getting fewer;
There exists a spark of serenity after the storm’s ire.

Allan Shawa is a 28-year-old Zambian creative writer with a brief background in Short story, script, poetry and songwriting. He is a diploma holder in Procurement and supply, currently working as a Tutor in business studies. His hobbies include reading, writing, physical exercises, watching wrestling etc. Allan hails from a country that dismisses creative writing as a viable art, however, his dream is to carve a living through writing.

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