by Allan Shawa

He is the glow endowed to unglue my view from my unrighteous living,
His hand exterminated the permeated copious cravings,
My perilous living indeed decreed me an ominous being.
But he readily remedied all venomous feelings
By His blood, erasing the red ink of my nefarious scheming,
By dismissing my hideous imaginations;
Morphing my ludicrous projections into precious paintings
When the laden lesson of the lessened hubris stood callous within;
It evaporated the sin that impeded my glorious singing.
His outstretched arm exclaimed his generous giving,
He subdued the salt from the tears of my tumultuous grieving,
The screams, when doused in nightmares, were dissolved by his virtuous grin.
His hand steadied my endless quivers, the continuous trembling
Amid the storms, calming the ravenous screeching,
His protruding ambience withstood the night’s gluttonous staring,
Scaring it to rescind when engulfed by His stupendous glaring.

Allan Shawa is a 28-year-old Zambian creative writer with a brief background in Short story, script, poetry and songwriting. He is a diploma holder in Procurement and supply, currently working as a Tutor in business studies. His hobbies include reading, writing, physical exercises, watching wrestling etc. Allan hails from a country that dismisses creative writing as a viable art, however, his dream is to carve a living through writing.

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