Garden of Bliss

by Allan Shawa

Planted among men are seeds of discord,
Our hearts; the fertile grounds
Bear fruits of hatred,
Harvested by benevolent void entities
That possesses personalities that stem from the soils of hatred.
They seek to prune the yields of love,
Because love is the flower
That sprouts forth from a thorny bush,
When endowed by the light that engulfs the darkness.
Love is a flower
Imbued with a fragrance,
Purposed to eliminate the foul stench of life;
It blossoms from the ground below,
That once buried our bliss.
Love is a flower
Deeply rooted to withstand the wind of adversity.
Love is a flower;
Its seeds implanted in our hearts
Spring forth beauty
That nourishes the soul
By the endless deeds of kindness
That hold steady those who branch out,
Strengthening the strings that tie our hearts together,
While blossoming under the rainy skies.

Allan Shawa is a 28-year-old Zambian creative writer with a brief background in Short story, script, poetry and songwriting. He is a diploma holder in Procurement and supply, currently working as a Tutor in business studies. His hobbies include reading, writing, physical exercises, watching wrestling etc. Allan hails from a country that dismisses creative writing as a viable art, however, his dream is to carve a living through writing.

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