A Prayer for Light

by Teresa Hall

Oh, let there be light to fill darkness of the soul
when teardrops fall, to illuminate the faltering spirit
and light a path along the way. Let there be gladness
in a heart that has only known fear up until this hour,
fleeing from a war-torn world so far away. The Sea has
claimed her share, let that be enough for her to clutch 
within her grasp. She gives then takes away so cruelly; 
if we could wrench them from her clasp and feed the
multitude as Jesus did upon the hill with untold loaves,
then we could follow in his footsteps still.
And when a country’s back is turned and barbed wire
rules the night, let the stealthy way of darkness help to
save them from their plight. If at last they reach
safe ground, may we be the ones to offer them succour,
for who can tell when we might one day need that
light filled open door?

Teresa Hall has been writing poetry since a young age and has been greatly inspired by the beauty in nature while enjoying long dog walks on the Scarborough Bluffs. Most of her poetry is environmental, but she also writes philosophical and, lately, more personal poetry. Two of her poems have been on exhibit at the Bluff Gallery, one at the Agincourt library and also one on exhibit at the Carnegie Gallery in Hamilton. She has been internationally published as well as here in Canada in various venues.

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