The Message

by Teresa Hall

I am just a messenger	
listening to the wind.
There is only one Earth, 
one moon attached,
one sun, all the
millennium’s work herein 
must not be undone – by us.
For there is no going
back, no second chance.
This handiwork of God,
miracles of life,
so diversified you could not
count those golden lights
shot through the stars,
fallen from those fingertips      
one by one, each loved.
These precious forms
just like us, but different,
all with a purpose,
a reason for being.
We hold the key to
their survival, with our
intelligence it could be
done, the means are
there if the will is also.
The destruction must end
before it begins, at the
source; in jungles and 
forests, rivers and seas.
There is only one Earth,
one moon attached,
one sun, but enough for
each and every one of us,
from now until eternity. 

Teresa Hall has been writing poetry since a young age and has been greatly inspired by the beauty in nature while enjoying long dog walks on the Scarborough Bluffs. Most of her poetry is environmental, but she also writes philosophical and, lately, more personal poetry. Two of her poems have been on exhibit at the Bluff Gallery, one at the Agincourt library and also one on exhibit at the Carnegie Gallery in Hamilton. She has been internationally published as well as here in Canada in various venues.

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