by Teresa Hall

I am the vessel, thru which the Angel’s mercy flew,
I am the vessel where darkness of the ages grew.
I am the war-torn hubris where misery, death are found,
I am witness to both fool's wisdom and the profound.
I am the thinker, daring to scale the greatest heights,
I am depths of despair, groveling in the blackest night.
I am all that I can be, reaching for the stars and more,
I am merely discontented dreams and deep discord.
I am one with God, all of nature and the cosmos,
I am the destroyer, breaking with the universe.
I am all of this because you made me what I am,
I am nothing and I am everything,
I am woman and I am man.

Teresa Hall has been writing poetry since a young age and has been greatly inspired by the beauty in nature while enjoying long dog walks on the Scarborough Bluffs. Most of her poetry is environmental, but she also writes philosophical and, lately, more personal poetry. Two of her poems have been on exhibit at the Bluff Gallery, one at the Agincourt library and also one on exhibit at the Carnegie Gallery in Hamilton. She has been internationally published as well as here in Canada in various venues.

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