A Spiritual Feeling

by Alan Bedworth

That spiritual feeling.
Is it overpowering to you?
Or does it really take a hold.
Like a warm blanket
thrown around your body,
keeping you safe from harm.

Being of a spiritual nature,
gives us security from what
this world can throw at us.

You don't need to go to the
House of God to be a believer.
We've been told he's all
around us, watching and
listening, trying to console
his believers in matters
of grief and of the heart.

We've all been at the bottom
when situations have become dark.
Yet I'm sure whether you
believe or not, you've
prayed for some help
and light, to carry you through
your plight.

Alan Bedworth is 65 years old and has been writing poetry and songs for two-and-a-half years. He has some poems published by Open Door Magazine, Trouvaille Review, Ambrosia Literary Garland, The Raconteur Magazine, and the Pangolin Review. His interests are writing, watching Rugby League, nature, and being outdoors.

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