The Rose of Sharon

by Irene Surya

The lone rose in the garden, 
The Rose of Sharon, Jesus
Beckons us to enjoy His fragrance
And spread forth the fragrance
Of His knowledge everywhere. 

The pure white lily in the valley,  
The Lily of the Valley
Beckons us to follow His footsteps
And live a life holy before Him
Unstained by sin and evil. 

The bright and morning star, 
The Savior from Bethlehem
Beckons us to trust His grace
And be like springs in the desert
Whose waters never fail.

Dr. Irene Surya has authored a book of poems, In Solitude with God. She loves and serves the Lord with her husband. A devout mother to two daughters, she has earned her Doctorate in Engineering from a premier institution. Currently, she is teaching in an Engineering institution.

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