With Sighs Too Deep For Words

by Russell Willis

Already given is this love
This love that transcends all things
Love that knows the depths and heights
That knows of love and loss
That knows of grace and pain
Undeterred, unrelenting in its light
Even in the darkest and most tragic moments
With sighs too deep for words

Already given is this love
And yet given again and again and again
Never separated are we from this love

Ethicist, online education entrepreneur, and Pastor, Russell Willis, emerged as a poet in 2019. Since then, his poetry has been published in American Writers Review 2021, Last Leaves, Vermont Public Radio – Between the Lines Series, Atherton Review, Sledgehammer Literary Review, Intangible Magazine, 433, Breathe, Peeking Cat, As Above So Below, Grand Little Things, Frost Meadow Review’s Pandemic Poetry, October Hill, Cathexis Northwest, Meat for Tea, The MOON magazine, Snapdragon: A Journal of Art & Healing, Tiny Seed Literary Journal, The Esthetic Apostle, The Write Launch and nine anthologies. Russell grew up in and around Texas, was vocationally scattered throughout the Southwest and Great Plains for many years, and is now settled in Vermont with his wife, Dawn. Russell’s website is REWillisWrites.com

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