The Sorrowful

by Levi Sweeney

The Courtyard
I saw a man beyond the pale
In the coldly lit dawn.
He could have fought tooth and nail
But made himself a pawn.
I wonder, in regret
What would have happened had I been bold.

The Field
I sat in gloom amid the dust
Cursed the coins in my palm.
I sold the man who was just
A living, breathing Psalm.
I quickly fled from my home.
Now I dwell beneath the throne of ice.

The Palace
With great pomp I celebrated.
Though why I do not know.
I saw him and I prated.
I heard a rooster crow.
Here on the shores of Tarshish,
I remember my glimpse of the truth.

Levi Sweeney is studying Business Administration at Western Governors University, and has a part-time job as a cashier at a fast-food restaurant. He lives with his parents and two sisters in Seattle, Washington.

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