My Lord, I Thank You

by Iolanda Leotta 🇮🇹

I wake up in the morning,
look up at the sky
and turn my thoughts to you.
You’re infinite goodness,
you make me live and breathe,
giving me the strength to keep hoping.
Help my family,
those who believe in you
and suffer punishments.
I’m powerless before evil,
I see honest men cheated by evildoers.
In this world, people have been plagued
by pain like ‘the Savior's pierced Heart’.
On Earth, I can’t trust a soul.
I have to rely on myself.
My Lord! Don’t forsake me,
listen to the prayer of the pure in heart.
My tongue will sing of your righteousness.
Where's my faith in humanity?
This infamous world is based on
selfishness and injustice.
There are innocent orphans,
wicked scoundrels,
desperate people,
hungry for justice.
One day, your son bore the cross.
He was mocked, mistreated,
abused, and suffered for sinners.
The Redeemer of the world
who gave Himself up for us all,
came to preach that the righteous
must suffer and fight against evil
but will receive ‘eternal life’.
I believe in you, my Lord,
therefore, my life has a purpose,
but if I don’t want to believe you,
it will be over.
You’re the light in my eyes,
the vision that gives me peace.
For this reason,
quench my thirst for justice
and make sure I don’t lose faith.

Poetess-Storyteller Iolanda Leotta was born in Rocca di Neto, Italy. She holds a degree in Sciences of Linguistic Mediation. Recently, her poetry book ‘L’esploratrice dei sentimenti e dei valori umani’ had been published in Italy by Aletti, Editor and Literary Critic. The book was presented at The Federiciano International Poetry Festival. Among the dignitaries was director A. Quasimodo, the son of Nobel Prize in Literature laureate Salvatore Quasimodo. Her poems have been published in national and international anthologies, the most recent one being The Writers and Readers Magazine.

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