by Gabriel Udensi

I am an immortal
who pre-existed prior to the cosmos.
Conceived in the mind of infinity,
Hibernating within His being.

I am an immortal,
Purged of sin at due season,
Indwelt in a mansion
Built by a house band and weaver,
To explore the galaxies,
To interact with fellow immortals.

I am an immortal,
Putting on the cloak of mortals,
Circumscribed within pre-destined path,
Running the race with perseverance,
Focused on the finish line,
To overcome and cross over.

I am an immortal
Metamorphosed into a mortal.
With a single aim and objective;
Goal and aspiration,
Mission and vision.

To know Him and only Him,
To bud and bear fruits of His Truth.
And knowledge, to dispense it
To all His creatures and creations.

As the witnesses cheer me up,
My hope is being rekindled,
My faith is energized
As His love sustains me.

I am an immortal
With an eternity in view,
With my gaze fixed on Christ.
As His light shines on my path,
I shall overcome and cross over
To be crowned and decorated
With the priceless medal,
The imperishable treasure, which is:
Eternal Life!

Gabriel Udensi hails from Amankalu Alayi in the Bende Local Government Area of Abia State, Nigeria. He is currently the Assistant General Secretary of the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA) Abia State Chapter. A member of the Aba Book Club and Aba Poetry Club, he’s also an associate member of the Nigerian Institute of Building (NIOB). He has several publications to his credit including Consider Jesus, The Path of Understanding, Flashes of Insight, The Contentious Couple to name a few.

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