by Dr. Kerry B

It’s interesting when you hear about the One
Who calls you Daughter or Son
Yet His name wasn’t on the birth certificate.
How could there be an intimate relationship
When there was no sail
No compass, no North Star to show you 
Where He is.
Yet, God has a funny way of showing you how close 
He can be, even if He’s far away.
How He can wrap you with his grace,
Yet you’ve never seen His face.
All it takes is a moment of silence…
As the quietness has you thinking about His mercy,
His everlasting love that overcomes any self-doubt that appeared in your life.
He turned your I can’t to an I will
A moment as a victim to a story of victory
History has an interesting thing of keeping receipts of your downfalls
Yet His vision only sees you...as His.
A personal pronoun that announces possession…
So just think for just a second…
How the biggest blessings is through His expression
Just by putting His name, next to yours
His child
His creation
His offspring
His legacy
A divine heredity, there’s no question why we should always give the Most High His praise. 
Just the sound of his name can calm the storm
And turn crashing waves to still waters. 
Isn’t it amazing that this Father made it possible with an offer for eternal life, yet He’s the author of our story
He’s there for our rising and falling actions
Helping us through conflicts, yet His name brings resolution
Institutions tried to silence it, but His name is too loud
So, I’m always proud when people ask me who my Father is
Because I will simply reply…

Dr. Kerry B is a poet, scholar, and author from Birmingham, AL. He has published three chapbooks, Soul Appetizer: A Sampler, An Open Table, and Surviving Myself. He received his master’s degree in English & Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University and his doctoral degree from Liberty University. He is currently a faculty member in the Division of Humanities at Miles College.

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