Crossing the Jordan

by Melissa Reeve 

A word from God Himself:
the waters would stop
when the priests stepped into the river.

Not until they stepped into the waters.

Did their stomachs drop to their knees
as their feet approached the river?
Did their hearts rise to their throats
when they felt the water on their toes?

Their parents would have seen
the Red Sea part
as Moses stood, dry as dust, 
on the shore.

Joshua said to walk into 
the still-flowing river
and God would work a miracle.

As the water splashed their sandals,
did their mouths become dry,
scared spitless?
Or were they confident,
their faith as steady
and relentless 
as the river's flow?

They took those steps,
their faith justified
as the river stopped for them.

Their sandals dried out
while the sun, for the first time,
became acquainted with the riverbed,
and all Israel marched by on dry ground.
I imagine they all breathed out as one,
in awe and relief, when the river stopped,
and doubts, instead of priests,
were swept away.

Melissa Reeve is an emerging writer. Her work has been published by The BanisterOff Topic Publishing, and Open Minds Quarterly.

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