On This Side of Heaven

by Hannah Ernst

On this side of Heaven
The Devil distracts us with lies.
Death mixed in like leaven,
A curtained veil over our eyes.
Nobody is at fault;
No community, no service,
This world we do exalt.
Yet, the world does make us nervous,
Chaos and confusion,
Sickness, disease, tears and some pain.
This life a grand illusion,
Making mistakes again and again
The ultimate downfall is pride.
Sin separates us; thus, we died.
Our sin makes our soul black as night.
Jesus, our Savior, is the light,
Who bled and died to wash us white.
Receive and repent, for Glory’s sight
To have God’s power, grace, and might.

Everyone’s equal in God’s mind,
No more tears that one could find
Colors and creatures never seen;
Everyone’s joyful and loved.
It’s on Him forever, we lean,
God’s children by the blood.
Tree of knowledge and tree of life,
We’ll walk down streets of gold.
We’ll no longer feel anger or strife,
God’s hand we always hold.
No marriage, the church is His bride
Forgiven times seven,
Collectively, we sighed
On that side of heaven. 

Hannah Ernst is currently a student at Colorado Christian University studying English. She enjoys reading and writing when she finds the time.

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