by Mike Hall

It’s been awhile since our last conversation –
my fault, not Yours.
Why is it I continually drift away when things are good?
only to come back when the weight of life seems too heavy.
I know the busyness of life isn’t an excuse to be offered,
for not taking the time for a simple conversation.
Thank You for still being here to listen.
I know these conversations are more for my wellbeing –
   a way for me to reconnect,
   calming my anxious spirit,
   centering my mind once again,
   filling me with hopefulness.
I will try not to let this become a mindless routine
but one where my heart is filled with respectful sincerity.
I know this is how You want our conversations to be.
If I were You, I would have given up on me long ago.
Thank You for Your patience and loving devotion.
Until next time, I remain faithfully Yours.

Mike Hall has been a teacher for 43 years. He is the author of two poetry collections, Autumn’s Back Porch and Thinking Out Loud. His work is meant to encourage others in their daily walk. He and his wife, Cynthia, live in the Dallas area.

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