Worthy Wonder

by Kenzie Tenpas

The stars of splendor soar above the earth
Across the heavens, dim of hues and light 
Provides a wish once lost, rekindled worth 
And leaves the hearts of many with delight

A light so dim and faint, so gently rose 
Abounds with colors of fires and springs.
Refills the earth with a golden warmth that glows
Displaying rays of splendor, sunshine brings

The sea so vast and measureless as stars
Reflects the heavens full of lovely light
Submerged with ships and myths of old in jars
And crashes proud upon the shore with might

Behold the earth with all its majesty 
Too great to sow into a tapestry 

Kenzie Tenpas is currently a college student at Colorado Christian University and majoring in both English and Theology. She has always loved writing and has finished three novel length works in the process of getting published. Kenzie also has a poem soon to be published with the Bible Advocate.

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