When We Stand At Last

by Mike Turner

When we stand at last
In the presence of Almighty God
Alpha and Omega
Beginning and End
All that Is, Has Been and Will Be
We shall fall to our knees
And tremble
Knowing the sins we have committed
Now facing His Accounting
Anticipating His Judgement 

And yet
Standing beside us
We shall find the calm, peaceful, loving
Presence of Our Savior
Not there to plead our case
But rather in recognition
That He has already paid our price
Endured the Cross, and death
Even the very separation from The Master
That we might be spared

For only one thing will be considered
On the Day of Judgement:
Do we believe
In The Way, Truth and Life?
Have we followed The Path
Christ blazed for us in His time on Earth?
Having not only Faith
But having made that Belief manifest
In our actions
Our Faith being known
By our actions
And our Love

Mike Turner is a songwriter and poet living on the U.S. Gulf Coast. He was named Male Gospel Entertainer of the Year by both the Alabama Music Association (2016) and North America Country Music Associations International (2017). His debut poetry collection, “Visions and Memories,” is available on Amazon.

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