Dear God

by Stephanie Daich

Dear God,

You are calling me to join you. I hear you. You are speaking to my heart with a power I can’t ignore. Why is it so hard to join you? You only desire the best for me. You have the gifts of paradise to give me. So why is it so hard to follow? Satan has nothing good to offer. Dear God, you created this beautiful world, with mountains, waterfalls, flowers, plants, and animals; I could go on forever about your glorious creations. You have designed a world of beauty. What has Satan made? Nothing? He doesn’t have the power or capacity that you do. All he can do is sew discord and sadness. So why do I cling to him and abandon you? You would never abandon me. Even in my darkest hours, you are by my side. You love me. Jesus died for me. You offer me the world. Satan only produces sadness and confusion. Yet, I still keep company with Satan. I often listen to him over you. Why? Why do I not give you my all? Why do I not turn it all to you?

Stephanie Daich writes to explore the soul and escape the pressures of life. Publications include Making Connections, Youth Imaginations, Chicken Soup for the Soul: Kindness Matters, and others.

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