Heaven Rules

by Edwin Olu Bestman

How many times will we go to battles by ourselves that have never been won? 

Should we continue to walk in the shoes of the Philistines, who were uncircumcised in their faith? 

What if we stay away from self-glorification, like Nebuchadnezzar, whose eyes blinded him from seeing the existence of God during sunrise & sunset? 

Where were the pharaohs when God allowed a soldier too slow of tongue to journey his people through the Red Sea for survival? 

How many times will we take our bodies to destinations that have never been reached to fulfill selfish desires? 

Didn’t we see God when he shouldered Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego from the government of the fiery furnace? 

Heaven rules! 

Heaven rules from the day Adam and Eve were stationed in the garden of Eden to be fruitful and multiplied. 

Heaven rules from the onset/the creation of the world/ of the waters, the sun, the stars, the sky, and the moon that shows its beauty during midnight. 

Heaven rules when men were created in God’s image/ to overtake the land/give name to the animals & love his neighbours as God has loved him. 

The mountains, lakes, valleys, plateaus, capes, islands, swamps, & others are all witnesses that heaven rules. 

This poem too is a witness that heaven rules/ every word is a testimony/ of how God has shown himself through courage, comfort, and control. 

Edwin Olu Bestman, poet and engineer, writes from Monrovia, Liberia. He has co-authored several anthologies and the author of two books, Genesis and Raindrops. His works have been featured in Ducor review, WSA, Spillwords, Odd Magazine, African Writer Magazine, Eboquills, Literary Yard, Poetry Nation, Ngiga Review, SIM, Nantygreens, Sipay Magazine, Afritondo, Rising Phoenix Review, AfroRep Journal, Madness Muse Press, Rigorous Magazine, Arts Lounge, Fiery Scribes and elsewhere.

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