put it out

by Sarah Steele

fear begins as a spark,
continued thought fans the flame, 
dwelling hard burns the heart, 
speaking it out opens the pane,
filling room with oxygen,
heightening fire, disguising shame.


soothing, calming, truth-filled, gracious, 
peace-making, comforting, Spirit-skilled, audacious
words spoken back pour cooling water 
on dying soul, and working harder
douse the fire into embers.

Sarah Steele is a Christ-follower, wife to James, and mom to four lively redheads. Poetry has captured her heart since the death of her grandmother in early childhood, helping her to work feelings into written pictures. As a wordy extrovert, she finds its genre particularly useful in learning to be succinct. She writes between homeschooling, watercoloring, and spending time outside with all the people.

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