by Sarah Steele

A little word I knew it not,
But once I heard I never forgot.
It seared my soul with iron hot–
Dayenu means enough.

I chose to write it on my skin,
Remind my heart where it has been,
Lest I fall prey to lies again.
It means more than enough.

It’s rested there for nigh a year,
Pulsating out with message clear,
When just today an ache drew near
That said, “It’s not enough.”

My heart was longing for something;
True happiness I thought it’d bring.
Fast to my dream I strove to cling,
So I could have enough.

Then I glanced down toward feet on floor
And heard my heart say, “I am poor,”
But read the message there once more
And asked, “What is enough?”

It’s not enough to change my lot.
It’s not enough to hope and plot.
It’s not enough to stew on ought’s.

And with that declaration blurt,
That word reached in Truth to assert.
It started work to heal the hurt;
There’s only one Enough.

“Enough I am,” my Lord replied.
“Enough it was for you I died.
Enough it is I call you bride.
In Me, you have Enough.”

Enough? My heart knows not this word.
Enough? Indeed, my vision’s blurred.
But that’s His voice I’m sure I heard;
I know His love for me’s endured.
It’s in His hand I am secured;
I’ll rest in His Enough.

Sarah Steele is a Christ-follower, wife to James, and mom to four lively redheads. Poetry has captured her heart since the death of her grandmother in early childhood, helping her to work feelings into written pictures. As a wordy extrovert, she finds its genre particularly useful in learning to be succinct. She writes between homeschooling, watercoloring, and spending time outside with all the people.

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