Wonders of The Spirit

by Fred Miller

Have you seen the iridescent breast of a
hummingbird in reflections of morning light?

Have you heard the echoes of a mockingbird
announcing his new perch in a stalwart oak?

Perhaps you have gazed on anxious moonbeams
a-sparkle over light-hearted, chattering brooks.

Maybe you have paused to ponder the busy world
of a honeybee in boogie shuffles atop a fragrant rose.

Have you lingered to witness a mare kissing a new foal or
seen a mother hen herding her brood across a dusty yard?

No doubt, you have observed a determined tern in pursuit 
of feisty fiddler crabs down a sparkling, sand-filled beach.

And, of course, you have eyed a smiling sun soon to
blush in bold hues as it disappears into the boundless sea.

Yet, have you allowed your eyes to rise to the vast heavens 
above and paused to reflect on these wonders of the spirit?

Fred Miller is a California writer and an author of two books. Over a hundred of his poems and stories have appeared in publications around the world over the past ten years. Many are available on his blog.

2 thoughts on “Wonders of The Spirit

  1. Wonders … and Hope…
    Both brilliant and oh so moving! Thank you for sharing a piece of your soul with the rest of us 💙


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