River of Dreams

by Fred Miller

River of my dreams
flowing passively by,
yet immersed in unbridled
joy watching moonbeams
in rhythm with ripples below.

In a blush each vanishes
like a tiny minnow,
first leaping with spunk 
only to fade softly
into wide, silver smiles.

Pale sandbars peek out
in a resplendent blush
reflecting celestial orbs 
that leave waves to yawn
as they slip lazily by.

Willows in tenuous hulas
nod to silent zephyrs as
they lure jaunty currents to
shadows where the nightingale
shares his melancholy song.

Come join me for a moment 
in my dream, and snuggle 
close to haunting images 
of wonder and imagine 
the sublime Spirit’s delight.

Fred Miller is a California writer and an author of two books. Over a hundred of his poems and stories have appeared in publications around the world over the past ten years. Many are available on his blog.

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