Ode to God

by Lori Wall-Holloway

Oh, mighty One who spoke
and sang the magnificent 
heavens into being
I can’t fully comprehend
the love You have 
for Your creation 

Forever grateful
for the sacrifice 
You made so I may 
have eternal life
I reflect not on what 
might have been
but move forward 
focused on You
despite swirling 
storms that try 
to engulf 
my very being

I rejoice when 
Your gentle voice 
nudges me towards 
a path on my journey
and Your presence
fills me with joy
I will forever treasure
Your teachings 
that continually 
transform my heart

A wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, Lori Wall-Holloway’s poetry has appeared in several anthologies. She enjoys capturing moments in the lives of those she loves and hopes her work will give encouragement to subsequent generations.

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