God Loves You

by Monica Sanchez

No one can love you like how God has love for you.
Wake up my child, it is morning, and the day is brand new.
Prepare yourself because I made an exciting day.
I have many gifts for you, please do not shy away.

My love for you is like no other
I thought of you first because I am your loving father.
I put you on this earth for a reason.
In your life, people will come and go
they will choose only for a moment or for a season. 

I am the same yesterday, today, and forever.
See that I never change, not ever.
From the moment you made your first step on earth
I knew your ways and your worth.

I have plans for you, my child. 
I see you wherever you go, even I see you from a mile.
There will be hurdles in your path,
But I will be at your side, even when you are solving math.

I know every word and thought that comes into your mind.
You will be judged, but I will always be kind.
I love you ever so much, and I know you will be fine.
My child, I know you very well.
You have pleased me like a ringing bell. 

Monica Sanchez earned a Master’s Degree in English and Creative Writing with a concentration in Poetry from Southern New Hampshire University in 2016. She also graduated with honors and was a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success. Monica was part of an editorial internship called Deliberate Magazine in 2017-2018 and published about 70 articles. In 2012, her poetry was selected into the editions called “International Who’s Who in Poetry” and “Starts in Our Hearts.” Monica’s poetry was also selected to be in the edition of “Eber & Wein Publishing, Best Poets of 2014.”

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