by Sanjay Jadhao

Look at the future,
There is no tutor,
Yet, a man in white robes,
Judging us all in and out.
I did best in every test,
Now there is no haste.
When I left my nation Maha,
Thought destination is Omaha,
But it's a journey to truth,
Where everyone has to make a truce. 
It’s a 'J's' kingdom of peace,
In silence where one finds solace.
Now you know the reason,
Why in every season,
Men and women say, “Amen”, 
In reverence to the Son begotten.
Good begets good is my attitude,
It's all about moral and rectitude,
To experience supreme beatitude, 
Righteousness is the only virtue. 

Sanjay Jadhao was born and raised in an agrarian village, Kolwad; did PhD from Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar (1997) and pursued further academic training at INRA, France, PNRI, Seattle, the University of Maryland, and Florida; and worked as a graduate faculty at ICAR-Central Institute of Fisheries Education, Mumbai (1997-2011) and as the Director of R & D at International Nutrition Inc Omaha NE. His debut five tri-lingual poems were published by BMM of North America’s Festival of Lights Collection- 2020 and many more are on the way. He keeps on working to improve his French knowledge. Sanjay has participated in singing competition on TV-Asia, NJ. An author of 50 papers and inventor on three patents, he has served as Editor of four open access journals, notably PLOS One (San Francisco, CA and Cambridge, UK) (2017-18) and AJAS (now Animal Bioscience) (Seoul, S Korea) (1998-2017). He is recipient of BIO-2015 International Convention Everyday Superhero Honor (Biotechnology Innovation Organization-BIO, Washington DC) and Times Now ICICI Bank NRI of the Year 2018 (Professional) award. Times Now channel is broadcasted in more than 100 countries. Sanjay lives in Salt Lake City UT and works for a local biotechnology company, Seek Labs, as a Senior Scientist.   

4 thoughts on “Journey

  1. Sanjay Jadhao is accomplished scientist at the same time, his strong inclination to explore life spiritually is outstanding.
    Very effectively, Sanjay Jadhao has narrated journey of life and what is important through out this journey!
    Salute and best wishes!


  2. Poet, Dr Sanjay Jadhav,eminent scientists of Animal kingdom. Pathway of life not smooth, dedicated to his ambition & work ,move forward by overcoming obstacles
    Poet describes beauty of life as he live, heart touching feelings encourages to younger one’s


  3. Poet is an eminent scientist and have still love for rhyming and poetry, that’s a nice combination.
    Poet is trying to convey the summary of life to inspire young generation to realize th truth and follow the dreams.


  4. Poet tries hard to create real meaningful life with strong enough positive approach. Peot presents hope about life

    Beautiful and heart touching composition.The arrangement of rhyming words and the choice of words for creating the greater effect is really awesome.


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