God, here is a bouquet of prayers

by Victor Ohikhemota

i am a cursed ground
with a river of blood 
gurgling in my bowels.

this is another way 
of saying that i cannot
stand before Your holy face.

so i crash before Your cross
like a wave in a cup.
somewhere in heaven,

let Christ stare down at me & 
wonder how a body can 
hold guilt for this long,

how a boy looks
into the heavens & finds
the solace that he seeks.

let Your cross
grow a mouth & speak
on my behalf. 

make my body
a proof that God forgives.
make me blessed.
cleanse me with Your blood.

Victor Ohikhemota is a fifteen-year-old poet and short story writer. Victor loves to read the Bible as it is the most undiluted piece of instructional literature. Besides reading and writing, Victor loves to sit at his window and watch clouds drift off.

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