A Wonderful Savior

by Kaci Rigney

A wonderful Savior is Jesus, my Lord.
I ever shall look to His face.
He is my Redeemer, my Shield, and my Sword;
I sing of His marvelous grace.

A wonderful Savior is Jesus, my Lord.
His beauty in nature agrees.
It tells of His glory, in mountain and fiord,
In valleys, in meadows, and seas.

The King of all glory, I worship Him now;
In Heaven, I’ll worship Him, then.
When I see my Savior before Him I’ll bow;
I’ll praise Him again and again.

Kaci Rigney resides in Visalia, California, and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Vocal Music from California Baptist College (now University.) Her love for Christ Jesus, God’s creation, and romance frame the themes of her poetry, stories, and songs. Her music may be found on a variety of music platforms. Kaci is the author of poetry e-books: Christmas and Easter Like That, The Love Trio: Chasing Love, Finding Love, and Losing Love, as well as Psalm 139: A 10-Day Devotional. She is married to Kevin, has two daughters, and six grandchildren. Kaci’s poems have been published in The Dazed Starling Unbound, Agape Review, and California’s Best Emerging Poets 2020, Z Publishing.

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