The Last Psalm

by Victor Ohikhemota

i remember You the way You are:
You bright petal on my brows.

i remember writing Your name
in my mouth & the ecstasy that
flushed within me. which is to
say that every tongue that utters
Your name is blessed. 

i am your temple but today, 
there is much unrest
in this holy place. So, i command 
my body to lose weight, 
like a heavy cloud. & i fall
under the weight of my own restlessness.

today, i stretch out my hearts
towards the burning sky which is a metaphor 
for my desire for You.
i hold out my heart for
a rain of Your blood to quench my hunger,
to wash off my anxiety.
today, I’ll not trot about, aimlessly,
like lost sheep. today, my spirit
will rejoice within me. today, I’ll not
hold out my heart in vain.

i remember You the way You are:
You bringer of light.

Victor Ohikhemota is a fifteen-year-old poet and short story writer. Victor loves to read the Bible as it is the most undiluted piece of instructional literature. Besides reading and writing, Victor loves to sit at his window and watch clouds drift off.

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