Euphoria of the Spirit

by Clara Klein

Who do I give thanks to for filling me with Spirit?
With it I am capable of things I cannot do alone.
I am surprised by its arrival – it startles and stirs me.
The time is not of my choosing
I’ve been low and despondent
Unable to look forward or up
When it descends upon me
It takes over my will
Propelling me forward to action
A spark flashes in me
Lighting my consciousness
To see hope in the shadows
The joy pours over me
Making me buoyant and light
To rise above all the despair
I feel like I can jump up into Heaven’s embrace
My arms reach out as if to grasp it
I long for it to pull me up
This spirit has lifted me
out of my darkness!
Passion has returned to my soul
I am dancing again!
Jumping, kicking, twirling
Rejuvenated like when I was young
Yet the rush doesn’t last –
it is just a glimpse
of the eternal bliss that awaits
Afterwards I ache and am fatigued
Rest now, the Spirit says
Save your strength for the journey ahead.

Clara Klein has been a freelance writer for over thirty years, authoring articles, curriculums, stories, poetry, and prayers. She is currently spending her retirement concentrating on Christian writing, gleaning wisdom from her life’s adventures. 

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