Breath Meditation

by Clara Klein

I start from a place of no breath at all
Life-giving breath has been pushed out of me
So I am empty
ready to be filled
With the Spirit
From depths I do not know
It fills me
Slowly at first
Expanding like bellows
Weak and frail vessel
Keeps filling me up
I lose count of the breath
Then releases easily
Knowing that’s all I can hold
I am empty again
Not even aware of the exhale
This time I draw it in consciously
From the bottom up to the top
The holy breath even fills my head
Breath of life blown into me by God
Stirs my weakened body
And spirit
And I keep breathing
Stronger and stronger
After the last release
I can pause for a moment
Knowing that I have
Enough to sustain me
Until the next time
I need to extract from the Spirit’s well.

Clara Klein has been a freelance writer for over thirty years, authoring articles, curriculums, stories, poetry, and prayers. She is currently spending her retirement concentrating on Christian writing, gleaning wisdom from her life’s adventures. 

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