Praise Him

by Fred Briggs

Good news goes out to all the Earth.
The skies His works profess.
So sings the sun in joyful mirth,
And shouts of God’s largesse.

The mountains gladly add their voice.
The lands revere His name.
The seas, the plains and fields rejoice.
His handiwork proclaim.

The forests and the flowers sigh.
The Spirit fills the air.
The birds call back in sweet reply,
Rejoicing everywhere.

Peace settles softly on the glade
As gentle as a breeze.
Extends His love for all He made.
May all the good Lord please.

Fred Briggs lives in the Orlando, Fl area . He is originally from Long Island, NY. Fred is a graduate of the State University of New York at Stony Brook where he majored in English Literature with an emphasis on 17th Century poetry.

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