Always 🎄

by Candace Arthuria

A long time ago, a Baby was born into wicked and deplorable conditions. His parents cried. They didn’t quite understand. The Infant was chilly and damp. His pleas were heard in faraway places.

Two millennia pass. There remains worldwide discord. The people war and clash over unimportant things. No peace to be found among Santas, crèches, carols and hymns.

Weeping clouds drench the earth. Yet, the Savior dries their tears.

Remember that I came for you all. Rejoice! Spread the Word. I am here!

…and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.

Merry Christmas.

Candace Arthuria began her career in Corporate Communications and currently writes short fiction, essays, and occasional poetry. Her work is multicultural and intergenerational, expanding across a broad range of genres. She continues to build on her initial collection, “Very Short Stories for Very Busy People.” Her second compilation, “DIVERSITY: Stories Behind The Stained Glass” is currently in progress. Candace has published with the International Women’s Writing Guild, the Teaneck Public Library, Agape ReviewCalliope, and Friday Flash Fiction. For editorial services, you may reach her at williams07666[at]

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