Point You Toward Home

by Linda Troxell

When the party’s over, and the music stops,
When everyone has left you alone,
Don’t look to me to be your ride or die,
Look to me to point you toward home.
I won’t be your distraction from pain, 
I won’t join you in trying to raise hell.
I won’t stand by while you self destruct
So you have a good story to tell. 
I won’t allow you to hook up with the devil
Because He’s a liar, he won’t stop your pain.
He will only draw you into his darkness
Introduce you to the corrupt and profane.

But I will extend my right hand to you
To help you get beyond your pain.
But first, you must hear my story
Of how losses were turned into gains.
I didn’t find a life filled only with joy.
Nor a life devoid of all pain.
I still had plenty of battles to fight
But I never fought alone again.
I felt unconditional love for the first time;
For the first time, I really belonged.
The anger that fueled me just disappeared,
And for the first time, I knew I was strong.

Yes! I can promise you’ll find the same things,
Because, the promise doesn’t come from me.
I’m a sinner in the same prison as you,
We both need God’s Son to be free.
But I will stand with you as you seek Him,
Help you feel safe while you let down your guard.
I will lend you all of the faith that I have
Until you feel safe to fall into His arms.
When you do, you’ll forget all your losses,
For the first time, you won’t feel alone.
And you’ll know that His outrageous love
Is a beacon that points you toward home.

Linda Troxell is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who lives in a small town in Southern California where she writes devotionals and poetry to post on her personal blog. For over twenty years, she worked to help men and women struggling with substance abuse and adolescent boys in group homes struggling with family difficulties. She is now retired and spends most of her time doing what she loves best, writing about the Lord, and spending time with her grandchildren.

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