Slaying Our Giants

by Edward Afuye

God’s word says, “David and his mighty men killed all the Giants of Gath.”

Father, oh that You give faith, as of old, that we may 
slay our giants, though we have only slings of rusted ore 
and smooth stones. 

Father, that we may learn to lean on You alone when 
it seems as though the ship is headed for stormy waters, 
to look you in the eye and drop our anchors down to the 
rock of ages. 

Father, that You make our blades sharp and our hands steady as the swords we wield, beheading giants strong.
Father, help us, so that these giants never rise again. 

Edward Afuye is a Nigerian Poet and Creative Writer inspired by nature. He is currently studying Digital Marketing at Northumbria University, United Kingdom. Edward loves to engage in intellectual conversations. When not writing, you can find him playing games.

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