The Cost of Kingship

by Esther Elliott

Being a ruler takes patience, perseverance, and, most importantly, faith. 
There is much more than wearing a crown on your head, or holding a staff in your hand. 
Sacrifices must be made. Prices must be paid. 
Whether that means taking down a giant wielding only stones and a strap made from leather
 Or taking responsibility for the many faults you displayed,
And asking for forgiveness through prayer. 
There is a price one must pay for their mistakes. 
I was never told the price that came with kingship.
A lowly shepherd boy, I knew not what God had planned for me,
Until a man came and anointed me to be Israel’s next king. 
By God’s side, I took down Goliath, Israel’s greatest enemy.
From there, day by day, I defeated the Philistines.
The Lord saw me through battle after battle,
Until King Saul and I got into a hassle. 
In jealousy, He hurled a spear at me. 
He wanted me dead.
By God’s grace, I fled.   
When I became king, I knew not
what the Lord would bring.
Things were going well.
Yet my lustful heart ruined it all.
I took advantage of Bathsheba, King Uriah’s wife.
My motivations almost ended my life. 
I pleaded with the Lord.
I paid the price for my kingship.
It cost my family, my life.
I needed the Lord in times of anguish.
I still need him in times of peace.
Life and leadership come at a great cost. 

Esther Elliott is a senior at Malone University, majoring in History. When not writing, she loves reading, spending time with family, and playing her violin, viola, piano, guitar and ukulele.

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