In Jesus’s Name

by Jason Kirk Bartley

My hands are not steady,
my knees often shake,
bad decisions and choices I sometimes make.
But when I asked Jesus in,
what a miracle was He,
His hands scarred but steady,
He set me free.
Now, I’m on a mission,
straight from Jesus’s throne.
He calls me His child,
He calls me His own.
As we walk through this life,
His love sure endures.
I asked Him to come in,
now my heart is so pure,
white as snow and covered by His blood,
I am forgiven by His life-giving flood.
I asked Him and now He dwells within.
No longer am I worried about dying in my sin.
But there is one thing I want to proclaim, 
"Watch out, world, I come in Jesus’s mighty name."
My hands are now steady. 
My feet are so sure.
Jesus was and still is my heavenly cure. 
No need for me to worry,
no need to fret.
Jesus is not done with me yet.
I may not be perfect,
I’m perfect in God’s sight.
Hang on tightly to His robe as He lifts
you out of your plight. 
No need for you to beg,
or even offer a plea.
It’s His good pleasure to give you His kingdom,

Jason Kirk Bartley is a Christian poet. He is from Chillicothe, Ohio. He is 47 years old and married to Nila, his forever love. He has a Master’s degree in Ministry from Ohio Christian University. 

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