A Prayer for Cracked Pots

by Donna Nemmers

We are all damaged—
some of us chipped at the edges
many fractured by our own actions
some shattered at another’s hand
but broken is broken
and goodness never holds in full measure
So here is the asking
for all the chipped and cracked and crushed:
find us where we are in the dark
even when we don’t see our fissures
or feel our souls leaking away
sweep up our shards and make us whole
We live in a splintered world
bleeding and hurting each other
walking through pain and spreading it freely
bind our wounds and seal us with Your grace
so we are able to reach out
without spreading ache
Fill us with a love in full measure
that replenishes as it is shared
make us vessels smooth and strong
replete with forgiveness for all in distress
seal us with grace and humility
to cherish neighbors from every place

Donna Nemmers is a native Iowan, wife, mom, gardener, hobby cook, and poet. She has degrees in English and in Communications from Clarke College, Dubuque, Iowa and enjoys spending time with her family. Her poem “Iris” was the winner in the 2020 International Dylan Thomas Day Poetry Competition. She has had several other poems published elsewhere. Her favorite poetry subjects are nature and prayer poems.

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