by Cynthia Obukoosia

I twist and turn,
As the water roams,
With great might,
Threatening to overthrow me,
In the deep waters.

In pain, I groan,
As the waters overwhelm me,
My chest compressed,
With no will to breathe,
As fear paralyses me.

But I hear a voice,
Not a voice of thunder,
A voice that is sweet,
Melodized by great power,
That cannot be explained.

Cheering me on,
As I keep on going,
In the midst of the stormy,
Raging fierce waters,
That roar about.

For though the trials
May be overwhelming,
His presence will bring solace,
In the midst of the heat,
That dares to devour me.

Cynthia Obukoosia is a writer-poet who is passionate about sharing the Word of God. A Certified Investment and Financial Analyst finalist, she has a Diploma in Microfinance from the Co-operative University of Kenya. She recently published her first book, Modern Psalms, on Amazon.

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