Hey Papa!

by Dayò Ayílárá

(For Ruth Oyakhilome)

“Hey papa, do you think God loves everyone equally?”
well, my coffee steams in my mug and i think i know
it loves the mug that holds it but if it not, assuredly
the mug loves it, or at least one of the two must grow
if not of necessity, then of choice
or think of the spoon that stirs it
with drink-less passion and count its joys
it does not speak of cold or heat
or think of me who owns the three;
my coffee, my mug and the indifferent spoon
which one i loathe most or love most to see?
which one will i willingly condemn to ruin?
i love them equally for one cannot do without the other
though my coffee to prefer, but with what will it hold?
will the spoon stir just air or what serves the holder?
nothing is more silver in His eyes nor anything more gold
even same speaks John-three-sixteen, so everyone has a share
the love is spread abroad, let us drink and not just stir.

Dayò Ayílárá is a lawyer, business consultant, cartoonist, graphic designer, and calligrapher. He writes from Abuja, Nigeria. His poetry focuses on nature, the beauty in pain, hope, love and loss.

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